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BJ42 Lego

Osio on tarkoitettu ensisijaisesti pidempiaikaisten projektien esittelyyn.

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BJ42 Lego

Viesti Kirjoittaja Cristian » Ti Marras 19, 2019 8:07 pm

Hi all, few weeks ago finally I found a good platform on 40 series to start a completely restoration.
I suppose that few of you should recognize this 40 (belonged to a member of this community)

I must to say that the 40 serie is my weakness, I did few restoration of this models where I used to live, so when he offer me exchange my 80 series for his 40 I could not refuse (of course that a lot of people say that I'm a little crazy)

Ok, so the Idea first is start with Chassis and axles, then I don't decide yet is I buy half of new body or just the plates (ex ex owner fix the body but no so nice) because when they fix the body, on the rear part they cut one piece of the pates (quarter panel where the reflector goes) and also the inside wall is not well repaired (dont have a good looking)
but before all this I'm just starting to dismount everything on the car and like I say, start first from the bottom to the top, luckily I didn't found much rust :D .

Here few pictures of the new Toy. How it comes and how is going.
IMG_20191109_143740.jpg (2.68 MiB) Katsottu 207 kertaa
IMG_20191109_143630.jpg (3.06 MiB) Katsottu 207 kertaa
IMG_20191101_212406.jpg (2.43 MiB) Katsottu 207 kertaa
IMG_20191018_163740.jpg (2.94 MiB) Katsottu 207 kertaa
IMG_20191013_132115.jpg (2.73 MiB) Katsottu 207 kertaa
IMG_20191013_131856.jpg (3.01 MiB) Katsottu 207 kertaa
IMG_20191013_130636.jpg (1.72 MiB) Katsottu 207 kertaa
IMG_20191013_130223.jpg (2.33 MiB) Katsottu 207 kertaa
IMG_20191013_130200.jpg (3.17 MiB) Katsottu 207 kertaa
Yota lover. 40 series addict
BJ42 on process

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Re: BJ42 Lego

Viesti Kirjoittaja -MaTTi- » Ke Marras 20, 2019 9:17 pm

I saw this last summer. The seats looked very good. Nice to see how this start to progress.
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